Matthaus looks at Dortmund as Bayern’s number one rival.

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Beer legend Lothar Matthaus sees Borussia Dortmund remain Bayern Munich’s number one opponent ahead of the Bundesliga’s visit. The Yellow Tigers nest on Sunday, according to sports reports from ‘FourFourTwo’ on Wednesday. 

‘The biggest competition for Bayern is still Borussia Dortmund,’ said Matthaus, ‘Teams like Union Berlin and Freiburg have started. The season was great And it’s wonderful to see so-called ‘little clubs’ make the big boys restless on certain nights. UFABET But when it comes to Bayern’s main rivals. You always start with Dortmund.’

Matthaus also commented that there are certain aspects of football where Borussia Dortmund have an advantage over their southern rivals.

‘It’s more than just football. It is also clear in terms of financial power, support from football fans, their stadium. and the atmosphere they care about There may be times when Dortmund lacks consistency. But few teams can compete with them over the long term.’

‘Despite the loss of Haaland in the summer And Premier League fans have already seen the impact he can have, Befaube still has a better and stronger summer market in some key areas,’ explains Matthaus. A much needed upgrade And we can’t forget that they changed coaches too.’

‘Yes, Edin Terzic had a role before. But the culture always changes when you change the people in charge.’

‘With all that change It should come as no surprise that they are still standing as a team this season. But I expect them to cause serious problems for Bayern in Klassiker this weekend. And there will be a successful season overall,’ Matthaus said.